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Skyrocket your brand awareness, increase your traffic and reach your target audience in a small time frame with Influencer Marketing. Research says 1/3 of consumers do not trust traditional advertising, influencer marketing can help the brands reach the influencer’s niche views and get a good conversion rate.

Influencers have an indomitable voice when it comes to marketing therefore drive your brand’s awareness and grow your sales with our Influencer Marketing Services.

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Youtube being the world's second largest search engine and also the second most visited site


Facebook, Instagram and Twitter influencer marketing to reach millions of
passionate, connected,
and socially engaged


Drive online social conversations about your brand through social
network promotion and
create buzz to reach
maximum audience

Why do you need influencer marketing?

If you are looking to build your brand online quickly and create awareness about it in your customers, then influencer marketing is the best way to achieve that.

Precise and deep targeting

In the past, it was hard to target specific audiences because of the lack of data. The precision in targeting has made influencer marketing more effective than ever before. We can target specific age groups, locations, niches, and much more.

Skyrocket brand awareness

The main goal of influencer marketing is to create awareness for the brand in order to convert these new customers into loyal customers. It has been proven that people are more likely to buy products if they have seen them on social media, which makes influencers an important part of any company’s marketing strategy.

Great conversion rates

With the help of influencer marketing, we can see great conversion rates.

Some of our clients get up to 35X ROI which is quite amazing.

Increase credibility and trust

The most amazing thing about influencer marketing is trust Trust is necessary for transactions and with influencer marketing, you can gain trust for your brand. It is also very beneficial in the long term as it will increase the brand value.

Steps To Launch Your Campaign

Select the

Select influencers from the refined list we provide you for your campaign

Mention the target Locations

Specify the target locations
where you want to promote your

Provide Content Guidelines

Informing the influencers about your campaign objectives and promotional content

Launch the

Specify the Go Live date and let the influencers do the magic

Nailing Influencer Marketing

Target Age Group

Launch your campaigns for specific age groups based on your customer profile

Target Locations

Target specific towns and cities across your country

Number of Followers

We are connected with Influencers who have followers from 50,000 up to 20 Million

Target Niche Sector

Get promoted by influencers who have followers of your niche market

Follower Engagement

Get more customer engagement through Influencer Marketing

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Frequently Asked Question

Influencer Marketing Agency/Company drive social media campaigns to promote and influence people in buying or procuring products or services through social media influencers.

Social media influencers are people who have an active presence on social media and enjoy many dedicated followers who have faith in their opinions and recommendations.

They are like brands’ spokesperson and by featuring sponsored posts, they inspire and influence their followers to try out some products.

Brands have started collaborating with influencers to conduct social media marketing campaigns, instead of marketing directly to the customers.

They tend to have high engagement rates and followers are more likely to check out the endorsed products that the influencers feature.

Influencer marketing is more effective than traditional advertising that stars celebrities as potential customers and celebrities, wherein they do not share any intimate and trustful relation among them. These marketing companies are more effective because social media influencers share a more deep and personal connection with their followers and their opinions are valued.

Influencer marketing campaigns run by these marketing agencies give a great boost to a brand by reaching a highly targeted audience, helping them in gaining more leads, better conversion rates.

Also, the marketing campaigns that are run by these Influencer companies help them in gaining relevant website traffic, a better online brand presence, and gives them brand association leverage.

Our service is designed to help you get the most out or  working  with influencers.

The average cost per engagement for micro-influencers is much lower than typical macro-influencers and celebrities.We take care or everything for you;discovery, negotiation, payments, agreements,and strategy.


The Marketing agencies focus on running social media campaigns in such a way so as to display quality content. Since influencer marketing has its root in social media channels; a larger segment of the audience is targeted automatically. These companies aim to run result-oriented high-quality social media campaigns to develop and strengthen an effective and deep connection between a brand and its audience.

Influencer agencies run marketing campaigns that prove to be fruitful and productive for all business types, be it SMEs, start-up, or large businesses. These Influencer marketing companies run and devise strategies for them.

For instance, SMEs are able to achieve a better online brand presence through these campaigns or a product launch. A start-up, being tight on finance can achieve better and productive results- maximum reach from influencer marketing owing to its cost-effectiveness. Large businesses can also benefit from these social media marketing campaigns to maintain their market share.

Influencer marketing agencies strategize different marketing campaigns to aid the requirements and specifications of every brand.

Traditional marketing is expensive for small businesses/start-ups.

Social shopping has become popular among the youth who are more likely to be influenced by the recommendations from people they trust.

Followers of Influencers are more engaged, authentic, and likely to check out products/services they recommend.

Influencers enjoy more credibility than celebrities, as they are considered more real and give off the impression that they use the endorsed products they are vouching for.

Influencers are aware of the latest social media trends and will be in a better position to help the brand position in a freshly relevant way and increasing the reach.

Influencer campaigns conducted by these marketing agencies are cost-effective, efficient, less labor-intensive than celebrity ambassadors.

Each client we work with at inBeat Agency has different needs.Generally, brands are looking ror one or three things: distribution (sales, social proofing,and awareness). content to repurpose in their other marketing channels,or product insights (market research). Before kicking off a campaign,we will talk with you to understand your needs. Our goal is that you get the most out of our DFY micro-influencer  marketing service.

Yes. Our micro-influencer marketing agency will never have you work with an influencer you don’t like.You get to approve or reject any creator before we initiate a collaboration.Your audience and social media prererences are crucial to your success.Our goal is to get your brand in the hands of influencers who match your brand’s core audience.

A micro-influencer is an inrluencer with anywhere from 4,000 to 20,000   followers on social media. Their main advantage is that their following is hyper· engaged. We evaluate these top influencers through our social media influencer platform by measuring engagement, reach, and social trust.

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