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• ShopMithi.com


Mithi & Co., an Ecommerce startup, desired a stunning online store using Shopify. They needed a platform that showcased their products and reflected their unique brand identity.

Solution: Collaborating closely, we crafted a beautiful Shopify store with an elegant UI. We incorporated their branded colors to ensure a seamless brand experience.


Result: Mithi & Co.’s new online store radiates charm and sophistication, offering a delightful shopping experience. Their brand presence has been elevated, attracting customers and boosting sales.


• Naveen Kulkarni


Naveen Kulkarni, a fitness enthusiast and accomplished bodybuilder with accolades like Mr. Olympia Vegas 2017/18/19 and Arnold AU 19, owned the thriving fitness brand “Muscle Headon.” With a health cafe, supplement sales, and training services, he sought to expand his reach and elevate his brand to a wider audience.

Our collaboration with Naveen was a dynamic journey into social media marketing. Leveraging our expertise, we crafted a strategic and engaging social media campaign tailored to his fitness empire. From compelling content to captivating visuals, we aimed to inspire and motivate his target audience.


The outcome was truly inspiring. Naveen Kulkarni’s fitness brand soared to new heights on social media, attracting fitness enthusiasts and potential clients alike. Through our marketing efforts, he connected with a thriving community of fitness enthusiasts and garnered a loyal following.


• Parvati kaur. (30K Followers)


Empowering Parvati Kaur’s Coaching on Social Media

Parvati Kaur, a dedicated postnatal prenatal coach, sought to make a greater impact on new mothers through social media. We designed a personalized strategy, incorporating engaging content, authentic storytelling, creative challenges, and interactive polls.


Result: The response was fantastic! Parvati’s coaching services gained visibility, and her interactive approach connected her with a thriving community of empowered mothers, making a real difference in their postnatal journey.


• JayDwarkadhish Real estate.


Creating a Beautiful Real Estate Portal for Jaydwarkadhish

Jaydwarkadhish, a reputable real estate company, needed an appealing website to showcase their properties. We designed a stunning portal, keeping their brand colors intact for a seamless experience.


Result: The outcome was impressive! Jaydwarkadhish now has a stunning real estate portal that captivates potential buyers and investors with its elegance and ease of use.

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