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• Nitattvam - Nidhi Dongre. (15k Followers)


Empowering Nidhi Dongre’s Healing Movement on Social Media

Nidhi Dongre, a dedicated movement healer, aimed to spread her healing practices through social media. She needed effective strategies to reach a wider audience and connect with those seeking holistic healing.


Solution: We implemented diverse social media strategies to showcase Nidhi’s healing movements authentically. Through engaging content, live sessions, and collaborations, we connected her with her target audience.

Result: The impact was real! Nidhi’s healing movement gained visibility, resonating with people seeking holistic healing. Her authentic approach and social media strategies brought her closer to those in need of her healing practices.


• Ark South


Ark South, a seller of high-end dresses targeting women in Mumbai, aspired to build an appealing ecommerce website. They needed an online platform that showcased their luxurious dresses and aligned with their brand identity.

Solution: We created a beautiful ecommerce website with a captivating UI, designed to match their color palette perfectly. Our focus on user experience and seamless navigation ensured a delightful shopping experience for their customers.


Result: The outcome was impressive! Ark South’s ecommerce website showcased their high-end dresses flawlessly, attracting women in Mumbai. The beautiful design and user-friendly interface enhanced customer engagement, leading to increased sales and brand recognition.


• MHCafe.


Empowering Muscle Headon Cafe through Social Media

Muscle Headon Cafe, a health-conscious establishment offering healthy protein meals and guilt-free desserts, aimed to expand its reach and attract fitness enthusiasts. They sought effective social media strategies to connect with their target audience and boost sales.

Solution: We devised a realistic and tailored social media marketing campaign for Muscle Headon Cafe. Through enticing visuals, customer testimonials, and interactive content, we engaged fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals.


Result: The impact was tangible! Muscle Headon Cafe’s social media presence flourished, attracting a growing community of fitness enthusiasts. The strategic approach led to increased footfall and sales of their healthy protein meals and guilt-free desserts.


• AlignDesignLab - SMM


Elevating Align DL’s Architecture & Interior Firm through Social Media

Align DL, an architecture and interior firm known for their expertise in parametric designs, sought to enhance their online presence and attract more clients. They needed effective social media strategies to showcase their unique designs and connect with potential clients.

Solution: We implemented realistic and tailored social media marketing strategies for Align DL. Through captivating visuals, project showcases, and engaging content, we showcased their parametric designs and expertise.


Result: The impact was remarkable! Align DL’s social media presence flourished, attracting a growing audience of design enthusiasts and potential clients. Our strategic approach led to increased inquiries and a broader client base for their architecture and interior services.


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