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• Sundar biscuit


Achieving Nationwide Brand Awareness for Sundar Biscuit

Sundar Biscuit, a manufacturer of diverse biscuit varieties, aspired to build brand awareness across India. They sought enhanced reach and visibility on Instagram to connect with a wider audience and increase their market presence.

Solution: We devised realistic and effective social media marketing strategies for Sundar Biscuit. Leveraging captivating visuals, engaging content, and targeted campaigns, we spread their brand message and product offerings.


Result: Sundar Biscuit’s brand awareness significantly improved on Instagram, reaching a larger audience. Our strategic approach generated increased interest and meaningful engagement, contributing to improved market presence and potential customer reach.


• Weigh2Go - Anupriya Raghav.


Anupriya Raghav, a renowned weight loss coach with features in Times of India, The Better India, and Hindustan Times, aimed to reach a wider audience on Instagram. She desired effective social media strategies to generate leads and expand her coaching business.

Solution: We implemented realistic and targeted social media strategies for Anupriya Raghav. Through informative content and genuine engagement, we connected with her potential clients, spreading awareness about her weight loss coaching expertise.


Result: The outcome was promising! Anupriya Raghav’s Instagram reach and traction grew significantly, and we were able to generate genuine leads for her coaching business. Our strategic approach contributed to her success in reaching and helping over 1000 clients globally.


• Vidal Design Studio

Creating a Stunning Website and Brand Identity for Vidal Design Studio

Vidal Design Studio, an interior design firm, sought assistance in building their website and establishing their brand identity. They desired a beautiful and cohesive brand presence to showcase their design expertise.

Solution: We provided realistic and expert support, crafting a stunning brand identity, logo, and website for Vidal Design Studio. Our focus on aesthetics and functionality resulted in a beautiful online platform that reflected their design prowess.


Result: The outcome was impressive! Vidal Design Studio now boasts a cohesive brand identity and a captivating website. Their online presence effectively showcases their interior design services, attracting potential clients and promoting their business.


• GetFitwithDaniella


Empowering Daniella’s Fitness Journey on Social Media

Daniella, a dedicated fitness coach, aimed to expand her reach and impact on social media. She sought effective tactics to connect with her target audience and promote her fitness coaching services.

Solution: We implemented realistic and targeted social media tactics for Daniella. Through engaging content and community interaction, we increased her reach and traction, connecting her with fitness enthusiasts.


Result : Daniella’s social media presence flourished, attracting a growing community of fitness enthusiasts. Our tailored tactics led to increased engagement and meaningful connections with potential clients, fueling her fitness coaching success.


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